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Optimized Facebook Ads Earn 4x the Clicks
Facebook Advertising

Clear Cap offers durable forklift covers that eliminate down-time for project managers due to inclement weather or UV overexposure. In our first run of Facebook ads, we focused on images of the covers themselves, in addition to simple, keyword-rich text that would appeal to a very niche demographic.

After testing several different ads, we developed a more interactive Facebook ad that showed the ease of installation rather than a artistic image of the product. The ad quadrupled the click-through-rate over four months. This, in addition to the retargeting campaign, increase traffic to the website by 37% in just the first month of the optimized campaign.

In addition to the Hyster/Yale campaign, we also used the native Facebook demographic targeting to do a broader advertising campaign that addressed the main pain points for the ideal buyer - loss of revenue due to weather conditions and the cost of potential OSHA fines for dangerous and home-made forklift covers.