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Customized E-Learning Platform Leads to Double The Online Enrollments
Website Design

With Sports Management Worldwide, the goal with the home page was to instantly engage visitors who were somewhat likely or highly likely to be interested in a career in sports management. 

The ideal visitor was a relatively active male between the ages of 18-45. In order to engage that demographic, we opted for a visually engaging design that included interactive elements like video and quizzes.

We also created a high-profile image library of recognizable instructors for SMWW, visible from the home page. In addition to the visual elements, we also included testimonials from some of these instructors, designed to establish credibility and authority for SMWW.

One of the key elements was to allow for multiple opt-ins as the page progressed. This ensured that each block of the page that offered a new sales incentive (notoriety, authority, opportunity), had its own call-to-action.