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A/B Tested Facebook Campaign Makes Steady Interaction Growth
Facebook Advertising

In this series, we developed a winning Facebook campaign through a series of A/B tests to find the most motivating reason for our ideal customer to click. Initially, we focused on the key pain points. Specifically, we developed an ad that targets lost revenue due to wasted time taking duplicate information, which the software eliminates.

The test against this original ad included a more direct positive message - the software helps funeral directors to help more of their customers. We also included a black and white "Free Trial" banner. This ad saw an increase of clicks by 32%.

We further optimized this strategy by simplifying the message to attract exactly the right customer to the product, which was simply funeral home software. This, in addition to a contrasting highlighted "Free Trial" banner and optimized copy was the most effective ad, increasing clicks by a further 34%, a full 66% higher than the original unoptimized ad.