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Educational Ads Increase Clicks by 183%
Facebook Advertising

For the Magic Creeper Facebook campaigns, it was vital to educate the audience who was not likely to know the product well. The sliding mat, while much less expensive than it's rolling creeper counterparts, was a unique concept that was unfamiliar to many mechanics. 

Initially, we created a set of test campaigns that focused on text to sell the item and images to support the interests of the demographics - males age 18-45 with an interest in body work and car repair. After monitoring the Click-Through-Rate, however, it was clear that we were not educating potential customers as well as we needed to surpass the 25% CTR benchmark.

We developed a unique image in-house that more accurately explained how the Magic Creeper worked, as well as designing a video campaign for more specific education. Within two months, we met and surpassed out CTR goal of 25%, improved the web traffic from Facebook by over 300%.